Thank you from Ukraine
The members of Newquay Towan Blystra Lions Club have been formally thanked for their efforts by a voluntary organisation, based in Poland, which has been established to help people affected by the war in Ukraine.
Fundacja Nasza Ukraina (FNU), which translates as ‘Our Ukraine Foundation’, sent certificates of thanks to Newquay Towan Blystra and a number of other Lions Clubs across the South West for providing support via ‘Cornwall & Devon Sending Love to Ukraine’ (CDSLU), which was established by Callington Lion Darren Tait in March this year. Since then, when Darren organised the first convoy of nine vans, travelling to Warsaw to meet with with FNU who then transported all the goods and supplies across to Ukraine to help civilians affected by the war, monthly convoys have made the same trip and the number of vehicles carrying supplies has increased. So far 137 vans have made trips and the effort continues.
So far, in addition to the support they give to many local good causes, Towan Blystra Lions have made financial contributions to pay for the costs of fuel, ferry crossings and accommodation for those volunteers in the convoy making the five-day trek. But plans are already being put in place to work with their friends in the town’s other Lions Club (Newquay Lions) to be part of future convoys and take supplies in vans, via CDSLU direct from Newquay.
Lion Monique Collins, who runs DISC from The Sandy Lodge Hotel is already acting as a collection point for non-financial donations and it is hoped that, when the Newquay part of the convoy eventually gets rolling, it will be filled to the gunnels. Amongst supplies already collected but needed on a continual basis are: in-date standard medications (aspirin, paracetamol etc.) nappies, sanitary products, tooth paste/brushes, non-perishable foods, bedding, sleeping bags, tents, crutches, zimmer frames, children’s toys and clothes – particularly any knitted premature birth clothing. More adult clothing is not needed at this time though.
If you would like to find out more about this initiative or the work which your Lions Clubs do across Newquay and further afield, please visit and either Newquay Towan Blystra or Newquay Lions facebook pages. Don’t forget, there’s always places for more Lions in our community.
(1) Lion Jill Bunt receives the certificate from Lion Emma Bernard of Callington on behalf of ‘Cornwall and Devon Sending Love to Ukraine.
(2) The certificate presented to Towan Blystra Lions with the telling message from the Polish charity supporting those affected by the war.