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About Newquay Towan Blystra Lions

Who we are, what we do, and how we can help.

We are here to serve, in any way we can and therefore welcome requests for assistance from any individual or group that requires it.

Lions don’t just serve by awarding financial grants, although this is a large part of what we do. We can also offer assistance by providing advice, man (and women!) power and supporting local people and causes in other ways.

Newquay Towan Blystra Lions Club members can be seen regularly at local events for other organisations and charities, supplying manpower and expertise when needed.

This includes providing marshals for the Newquay Civic Parade, Newquay Lions Carnival, the Christmas Lights Switchon, as well as many others.

We work closely with Newquay Lions on many of their events in the town.


1. I would like to ask for financial assistance.

We require that all parties that are requesting financial assistance to fill in and return our standard Grant Application Form which you can download by clicking HERE.

2. I would like to ask for other assistance, such as manpower or expertise.

For more information about how to go about requesting our help, please send an E-Mail to our Secretary using the details here.


If your request for assistance is one that requires a quicker reply, please use the phone numbers for our President and Vice-President on the same page here.