Fareshare is a national network of charitable food distributors that take good quality surplus goods from across the food industry to some 9,500 frontline charities and community groups. One of these charities is DISC Newquay. Our club has contributed each month direct to Fareshare since March last year as a contribution to the costs of supplying DISC. The club agreed to continue this for 2023 at our meeting in January.

Monique (Manager of DISC) said that the monthly contribution is invaluable to enable DISC to put as much produce as possible to support our local families. The need has risen considerably and we are incredibly grateful to Towan Blystra Lions for their ongoing support.

Lions President Jill Bunt said: “DISC provide such important help in and around Newquay to those who genuinely need this support; a lot never thought they would need this sort of assistance. Agreeing to provide this level of help from our Lions club for a further 12 months means that DISC are able to plan their year with Fareshare’s invoices being partially covered. We are pleased to be able to assist in this way.“Don’t forget that a significant amount of the funds we distribute come from the generosity of the public and businesses of the town who make our annual Newquay Beer Festival so successful. It’s happening again on 22-24 September and if you’d like to know more, or even help us as a sponsor, or in any other way, just visit www.newquaybeerfestival.co.uk and get in touch,” said Jill.