The popular quiz night which was not held in 2020 or 2021 because of COVID, is due to return to Newquay Golf Club on the evening of Sunday 27 February.

The Brains of Newquay Quiz has been held annually by Newquay Towan Blystra Lions Club for over ten years and, on the past few occasions, has changed from being a fund raising event to an event which sees some of the Lions’ Community reserves distributed to good causes and charities.

Each team (of up to four people) aim to combine their quizzing brains to win money for a nominated cause with every team being guaranteed going away with at least £50 to support their charity or local good cause. The winning team could earn up to £400 on the group’s behalf (based on the first prize sum plus winning a ’round’ prize). But the number of teams is limited to TWENTY and details of how to enter will be made available early in the new year.

So keep an eye on for more details and get your quizzing friends ready to put their names forward to earn money to support others.

Details of the February 2022 Prize Fund Allocation:

1st prize £300
2nd prize £200
3rd prize £100
Six round prizes of £100
14 consolation prizes of £50