During the past couple of years, a group of local businesses and individuals were good enough to fund and present 12 local schools a series of children’s books by Ellie Jackson and Liz Oldmeadow in the ‘Wild Tribe Heroes’ series. These books highlight, in a simple and entertaining way, themes relating to habitat loss, climate change and plastic pollution.

Since then, Ellie, has written a seventh book in the series specifically about the importance of bees in the environment and how habitat loss impacts on their existence. This latest book is, again, beautifully illustrated by Liz Oldmeadow.

Recently, Lion President Jill Bunt had the pleasure of meeting Ellie and her club, Newquay Towan Blystra Lions,  subsequently agreed to fund the purchase of this seventh book, ‘Ziggy’s Frightening Flight’, to give to all these schools, adding to the six they already have.

In addition, Newquay Primary Academy, which was only formed in 2022, were presented with all seven books as they were formed too recently to have received the six books which other schools already had. Lion Sarah Bunt (pictured right) attended the school to present these to some of the children.

In addition, the Lions enclosed three packs of wild flower seeds for each school which the pupils could be involved in planting in an appropriate location linked to the important message about the welfare of bees in the environment, the subject of the latest book in the series.