Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is stand-out success!

Dozens of daring builders took to the beach on Sunday, where they took on both each other, and the Atlantic Ocean in a unique competition.

Organised by Newquay Towan Blystra Lions, “Last Man Standing” invited teams to build mounds of sand, in 20 minutes using the spades provided.

It then had to be capable of supporting the entire team, who stood on this mound as the tide came in quickly around them.

Whichever team had the last man standing, with their feet still dry were declared the winners.

Eight teams took on the challenge, and Matt Bunt from Newquay Towan Blystra Lions said that there were lots of different tactics being employed:

“There were some teams that just went for a mound, as high and as big as they could, which seems the logical thing to do. However, many of the teams were very clever and also included moats and channels. One team even built a huge wall of sand to help hold back the onslaught of the waves.

“Although there were such tactics, and the teams worked hard, they all had such a great time and the atmosphere was fantastic. There was lots of laughing and banter between the teams, and the spectacle even attracted a big crowd of beachgoers who cheered them on.”

The event also raised money for the Lions Club, to help support local causes in Newquay and the surrounding areas.

The eventual winners were ‘Jack’s Jokers’, whose enormous mound and flood defence system stood up well against the incoming tide. The team consisted of members of the Morcom-Ankers family, Marcus Nicola, Jack and Becks. They were presented with medals, and the coveted Last Man Standing Trophy.

“This was the first year in which we’ve held this event, and it was such a success that we are already planning to bring it back soon,” added Matt.

“We must say a huge thank-you to all the teams that took part, as well as everyone that came down to support the event. We would also like to thank Warren Nield at Porth Stores for helping us source the spades, The Maharajah Indian Restaurtant for donating a meal for two as a raffle prize, and Paul Stokes at Modern Engravers for his help with the trophy and medals.

“We are now looking forward to our next fundraising event, which is a quiz entitled ‘The brains of Newquay’. This takes place on July 15 at Newquay Golf Club, and you can find more details on our website.”

Newquay Towan Blystra Lions Club is a voluntary service organisation, which strives to serve people and organisations in Newquay and the surrounding communities. You can find out more about the club, and their events on their website at

You can view more photos from the event on our Facebook page here!