After much planning, a brand new group for young people to serve the community was launched in Newquay.

Members of Newquay Towan Blystra Leo Club were officially enrolled in a special ceremony, at the Sandy Lodge Hotel. The evening saw over 60 parents, friends, and Lions from clubs across Devon and Cornwall attend.

Part of Newquay Towan Blystra Lions, the Leo club is a group for, and run by young people who wish to serve the community, much in the same way as the older Lions club. Although overseen by the main club, the Leos are run independently by themselves, and they boast their own officers and raise their own funds.

The group of nine was brought together thanks to the support and organisation of the Leos advisers Lion Sarah Morcom and Lion Jodie Ward, as well as a grant of £500 from Newquay Town Council.

Leo Advisor Lion Jodie Ward, Leo President Jake Blum cutting the cake, and (right) Leo Advisor Lion Sarah Morcom

Lions President Phil Bunt said: “We are extremely proud to welcome our new Leos to the family of Lions, and we look forward to seeing the thrive and prosper with lots of projects in the future.

“Lionism is all about serving, and it’s great that there are so many young people that are excited about serving their local community. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce them to Lionism, meet new friends and do something that looks good on their CVs too.

“All the Lions at Towan Blystra wish the Leos the best of luck!”

The enrolment was conducted by Immediate Past President Lesley Clarke, and Immediate Past District Governor Clif Cane. The elected Leo President is Jake Blum, with Samantha Blake as Vice-President, and Harry Smith taking on the role of Treasurer.

Phil continued: “The Leos have already been working hard, and supporting community events such as the recent Lions Funfair, and also the Joe Way Paddle for Life.”

Leo Leader Lion Jodie Ward said: “”Having spent the last two years working hard to establish a Leo club, we have done it! The fact that we have managed to find nine young people from in and around Newquay who genuinely care about the community is beyond amazing, and three of them have joined since the club was established in May.

“I’m so pleased that they all enjoyed themselves at the enrolment and that everyone who came had a great evening, hopefully there will be more events like that for the Leos, and I wish them luck in their projects!”

The Leos charter members are as follows:

Jake Blum

Samantha Blake

Harry Smith

Josh Hodge

Joanne Rundle

Shaun Smith

Grace Harding

Freya MacLeod

Anna Knight

You can find out more about our Leo club, by contacting the Youth Officer Jodie Ward here.