Becky Miles, Phil Midgley, Colin Martin and Ray Frith, all members of Newquay Road Runners (quiz name ‘Precocious Penquins’), are joined by Towan Blystra Lions president Jill Bunt (centre) at the Brains of Newquay Quiz in July 2022 as they scoop the top prize of £400 for Children’s Hospice South West.
Do you have a team that can beat them in 2023?
There’s a minimum of £50 on offer for EVERY quiz team that takes part in this year’s charity giveaway quiz run by Newquay Towan Blystra  Lions but there are only 20 spaces available and they are going fast! The concept is simple – the twenty teams of no more than four quizzers each nominate a local charity or good cause they want all their winnings to be donated to and book their place to be at Newquay Golf Club at 7.30pm on Sunday 9 July.
Then they just need to answer as many questions as they can correctly and, potentially, win £400 for the good cause of their choice. But even if they don’t win, there are substantial runners-up and round prizes as well as a guarantee that, even if the team is at the bottom of the leader board, £50 will be going to their chosen good cause.
Lion President Jill Bunt said: “Although it’s a quiz, it’s also a ’no brainer’. Why not form a team when you know the group you will be supporting are guaranteed £50?
“It’s a fun way for us to distribute some of the funds we have raised during the course of the year through events like Newquay Beer Festival, the Giant Easter Egg Raffles, Santa’s Sleigh, collections and generous donations from many individuals and businesses. Everyone’s a winner and it is always a very friendly, fun night.”
The Brains of Newquay Quiz began in 2012 and the prized trophy has now been through the hands of many worthy winners. If you are interested in taking part in the 2023 quiz on Sunday 9 July please email or ring 0345 833 4981.