At the June business meeting of Newquay Towan Blystra Lions, Secretary Tricia Roberts officially stood down after 4 illustrious years of dedicated service to the club.

Lion Tricia Roberts was raised in Newquay and, approaching retirement, wanted to add to her spare time activities in serving the community which she loved so much. In 2016, when invited to join Newquay Towan Blystra Lions she quickly became an invaluable member of the team and a couple of years later took on the role of club secretary and one of the club’s trustees.

Tricia is now standing down as the club’s secretary having moved to live in Suffolk last December. However, she is remaining an affiliate member of the club and, with the Lions holding each of their monthly meetings both virtually via Zoom and around the table at their normal meeting place of The Griffin Inn, she will remain an important part of the team.

At the club’s business meeting on 23 June, Lion Club President Jill Bunt, presented Tricia with a framed montage of numerous photos taken of her and colleagues during activities they have been involved with over the years.

Tricia said: “What a wonderful surprise – bless you! Thank you all so much for a fabulous gift which will bring back great memories of my time with you all. I will enjoy remaining in the club and hope to see you all at the Newquay Beer Festival where I will be helping out at the entrance and also enjoying myself with loads of friends.”

Lion Jill commented: “We’re sorry that Tricia has moved to the other side of the country but know that she is very happy in how this has worked out. She has given so much to the club with her energy and commitment and it’s great to know we will still see her at Newquay Beer Festival and at our monthly meetings via the power of technology.”